I am a 22-year-old entrepreneur, born and raised in Monmouth County NJ, with a passion for making gourmet cookies. I wanted to create a stuffed with sweetness experience in every single cookie for people to indulge in.

At 14, I was accepted into Freehold Borough’s High School Culinary & Baking Program. This was the start of my journey into the food industry. My family gave me a Kitchen Aid mixer for Christmas which helped me explore and create many baked goods. 

Growing up as a child I had several food allergies which limited me to certain sweets since there weren’t many options for me. As I got older, I wanted to create a sweet that was available for anyone regardless of their food allergies.

I started experimenting with cookies which led to me creating my first dairy & nut free chocolate chip cookie which is now known as the OG Chocolate Chunk (allergy friendly).  This cookie became such a hit at parties and gatherings and made me feel so wholesome that individuals with allergies were able to indulge. When I told people the cookies were dairy and nut-free they couldn’t believe it.  Once I saw their reaction and everyone asking for more cookies, I knew I had something and motivated me to start my own business.

In March 2020, during quarantine and with a lot of extra free time, I got creative in the kitchen  with my mixer. I made the signature ultimate duo stuffed cookie; little did I know this was the start of my business. I kept baking and created 8 different signature flavors and everyone who tried them literally didn’t know stuffed cookies existed. 

While I was 21 in my senior year of college at FDU I finally decided to launch my own stuffed cookie business which happened to be during Midterm Week. (Yes, it was the craziest week of my life!!) 

With the continuous growth of my company, I strive to provide the best handcraft gooey gourmet cookie.

Thank you,